Network Infrastructure Management Platform

Network Infrastructure Management Platform Engineering Edition

The most comprehensive network function verification
and mapping for global networks

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IP networks are the foundation of all digital communication

More complex and critical than ever before, networks failures can bring global businesses down to a grinding halt.

IP Fabric maps and verifies enterprise networks, preventing outages and reducing operational risk.

Highlighted features

Network intent verification

Network intent verification

NIMPEE allows you to make sure your network is configured according to industry best-practices in seconds. It has predefined set of verifications that you can easily adjust or extend to match your needs. So you can uncover the risk hidden in the network and fix it soon, before an outage happens.

Dynamic network mapping with end-to-end path lookup

Dynamic network mapping with end-to-end path lookup

NIMPEE provides you with always up-to-date, accurate diagrams of the network, built from your network devices. You can drill down into any device and link information and also view details from STP topology, over BGP neighbours, to applied QoS or ACL policies.

Network History

Network History

NIMPEE compares all the network snapshots it did in the past and is always able to tell you what has changed in the network - be it a device swapped, cables moved somewhere else, changes of IP addressing or other configuration changes, so that you always know what has happened and how to fix it, in case it is really the network.

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