About IP Fabric

IP Fabric develops visual network management software for critical IP networks.

Requiring only a single set of credentials and a push of a button, the system discovers all managed network devices and their operational state to the tiniest of details. Using unique network model and algorithms, the system reconstructs network state and simulates actual packet flows to detect critical violations, business impacting inefficiencies, all the way to the most intricate inconsistencies in a multivendor environment of devices from as old as the Internet itself to the newest whiteboxes and virtual network appliances.

Based on graph theory of mathematics, native visualization of all network topologies and protocols provides unparalleled visibility, answering the question about how the network is running. Beautiful documentation and reports can be directly used as part of an existing process or managerial reporting requirements.


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The story behind IP Fabric

Founded by industry experts, our goal is to help network operators, engineers, and managers to safely control any large scale enterprise network in the world. Our products are used in major global companies to prevent network outages, generate network documentation, visualize network paths, or instantly answer questions such as "why is the network slow?" or "what has changed in the network since yesterday?".